Case crippled the journalist will start from scratch

Дело покалеченного журналиста начнут «с нуля»

Judge has expired powers.

Case Krivoy Rog cameraman Vyacheslav Wolf, wounded on military exercises, I start to consider from the very beginning – on January 25 in Saksagansky district court of Krivoi Rog, the parties learned of the transfer of the case to another judge.

This was reported by “Radio Liberty”.

The judge was replaced because of the expiration of powers of the judge of Svetlana Hominich, handing the judge Valery Popov, and now the whole court process will begin again.

According to the lawyer of the injured Maxim Gorelikova, the trial which preceded this process lasted a year and two months and was nearing completion: the court finished questioning witnesses and planned to go to the study documents, then debate of the parties and announce the decision.

“And now from the beginning. Will be held a preparatory hearing, the Prosecutor will read the indictment, we read civil action, then we will determine the order of presentation of evidence will be interrogated to study the case materials and so on,” – said the lawyer.

According to him, the trial will be on March. The exact date of the next meeting has not yet been determined.

The other day in Krivoy Rog hosted a public discussion on the physical safety of journalists, organized by the National Union of journalists of Ukraine, where media workers expressed support for the requirement of parliamentary hearings on freedom of expression and safety of media workers. A participant of the event was the wounded operator Vyacheslav Wolf.

July 6, 2017 the police of Krivoi Rog reported that during the exercise APU was severely wounded, the representative of the media. The incident occurred during a command post exercise on territorial defense in Saksagansky district Council. The gun was made by the participant in the exercises, volunteer instructor Igor Petrenko when he showed reporters how detained offenders.

Petrenko was taken into custody, but subsequently released on bail of 400,000 hryvnia, which made the unknown. The condition of the victim Vyacheslav Wolf doctors assessed as extremely severe. The man had several complex operations, but not up to his feet.

In October 2017 the proceedings instituted by the police against Igor Petrenko, who served on the teachings of the authority of the instructor, submitted to the court. Petrenko is suspected of the crimes provided by two articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine (intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm and unlawful use of a weapon).

At the same time, a second case – open the military Prosecutor’s office on the fact of official negligence of the military – almost a year was in the investigative agencies, and then was closed. In the summer of 2018 through the court the injured party has made the resumption of the investigation.

Photo – volunteer-instructor Igor Petrenko in just a few seconds before committing the crime.