Case Gandzyuk. The remand to the Manger moved: what was on the court

Дело Гандзюк. Избрание меры пресечения Мангеру перенесли: что было на суде

16.06.2020, 23:37


Election of a measure of restraint to Vladislav Manger, the suspect in the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk, postponed to June 17

Pechersky district court of Kiev announced until June 17, a break in session on election of a measure of restraint to the head of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav Manger, who is suspected of the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk. It is reported by Grati.

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It is noted that judge Tatyana Ivleva has satisfied the petition of lawyers of the manger, who asked time for acquaintance with the case materials. Protection manger claims that the reason for the break was mistakes in the prosecution’s motion that it should be fixed by tomorrow morning.

It is reported that the detention of the Manger was considered in closed session, as was supposed to explore the results of secret investigative actions and the circumstances of threats to witnesses in the case and their relatives. Protection of Munger denies that he in any way put pressure on witnesses in the case.

The meeting began about three in the afternoon on June 16. Munger came unaccompanied by the doctor and during the meeting complained about the state of health. After 45 minutes he came out of the courthouse and headed to his car, parked across the street. Munger bodyguards got in the car, and they left.

Released to reporters, the Prosecutor said that the defense of the suspect challenged the judge.

The fact that the Manger, who went to the hospital with severe pain in the chest and pressure above normal, was not required today, the doctor and his lawyer has called “the miracle of pharmacology”.

“After the meeting, said the counsel, he had medical procedures and he went to rest in the hotel.”

The recusal protection manger refused, and the court proceeded to consider the measure.

Munger has written refusal of admission and assured that it will arrive on June 17 for a hearing on the remand. The Prosecutor has threatened to request the arrest with the drive, if the manger does not fulfill his promise.

  • 31 July 2018 Gandzyuk doused with acid in November of the same year she died.
  • In February 2019, the manger was arrested, but he has made almost 2.5 million UAH Deposit and left. In the fall of bail was reduced to 1.2 million.
  • This February, Bulgaria has authorized the extradition of Alexei Levin – the suspect in the attack on Gandzyuk, in March he was detained in Ukraine.
  • At the end of April, the SBU had completed a pretrial investigation on the Manger and Levin.
  • On 12 June the court allowed the drive manger, and today, June 16, he was arrested and brought to court.
  • Yesterday he failed to appear before the court “for health reasons”.