Case Gryshchenko: with participants of ATO “Puma” has removed the electronic bracelet

Дело Грищенко: с участницы АТО "Пумы" сняли электронный браслет

Ex-servicemen Inna Gryshchenko (Callsign “Cougar”), a suspect in the assassination of a businessman of the Carpathian removed an electronic bracelet and all of the obligations.

It is noted that the term of a measure of restraint ended on July 15.

“The court continues to be a petition to change the measure of restraint with round-the-clock house arrest on bail. But the judge twice adjourned, giving the prosecution time to prepare to maintain its own application and submission of additional materials in support of the petition,” said the lawyer.

According to her, on the third meeting of the prosecutors General did not appear.

“At this time over the validity of the decision about day of the arrest. Therefore, at present no measure no. The next meeting on 24.07. But the motion court already cannot satisfy,” said Pomianowska.

In turn Inna Gryshchenko posted Facebook photos without an electronic bracelet.

As reported, the spouses Inna and Vladislav Grishenko suspect in the assassination of a businessman in the town of Kosov, Ivano-Frankivsk region in 2018.

Also, the investigation links the spouses Grishchenko with the murder of Pavel Sheremet.