Case Moraes: Luxembourg decided not to give up and prepares an appeal

Дело Мораеса: Люксембург решил не сдаваться и готовит апелляцию

The Luxembourg football Federation did not agree with the decision in the case of legality of performances naturalized Junior Moraes for the national team of Ukraine in the qualifiers of Euro 2020, with Portugal and Luxembourg.

KDK the UEFA passed the decision on the participation of the naturalized Brazilian Junior Moraes for the national team of Ukraine. UEFA did not see a violation from the Ukrainian side, therefore, Ukraine was not punished.

May 14 evening, Luxembourg’s football Federation received a letter from UEFA with the reasoning of its decision, reports

According to the source, the Federation is not convinced, so she will appeal.

The next day, the Luxembourg football Federation, UEFA announced that it will submit a formal appeal and has three days.

Scandal naturalization Junior Moraes
Junior Moraes received Ukrainian citizenship on March 15. However, this only became known on March 18. And already on March 19 Junior Moraes received a call to the national team. He played in two qualifiers on 22 and 25 March. In the first of Ukraine played out a draw with Portugal. In the second, the Ukrainians have won in Monaco thanks to an own goal in injury time.

Football Federation of Portugal and Luxembourg challenged the participation of Junior Moraes in matches for the national team of Ukraine. First a defeat for the participation of Moraes in the match demanded Portugal. Local newspaper indicated that the player has not fulfilled one of the necessary conditions for citizenship is to reside on the territory of Ukraine continuously 5 years. Later this idea decide to use and of the football Federation of Luxembourg. Therefore, the case was transferred to the Control and disciplinary Committee of UEFA. If it upheld the complaint, the Ukraine would threaten two technical loss for those games.

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