Case OACK: the Council of the Public integrity called Zelensky to convene the national security Council

Дело ОАСК: Общественный совет добропорядочности призвал Зеленского созвать СНБО

The Council of the public integrity calls on President Vladimir Zelensky to convene the Council of national security and defense in connection with the situation around the District administrative court of Kiev. The Council believe that the President is obliged to initiate changes in legislation to restart the High qualifications Commission of judges and High Council of justice for an actual cleansing of the judiciary.

The authors of the statement emphasize that the published NAB and Neprocurement the wiretapping materials of AASC President Paul Vovk testify to the flagrant interference of the judges of the administrative court in the judicial system and law enforcement. What constitutes a threat to national security.

“Published by NABU recordings and mechanisms of influence leadership OASC on individual judges, of the Vienna Convention, the SBU, the RRT and the Ombudsman once again proves the corruption of the judges of major courts, informal relations with politicians and other senior domination, mutual responsibility and impunity… Save on the posts of the judges of the mafia developed into a threat to national security,” – said in a statement released by the GSO on Monday evening, July 29.

In addition, the Council calls on Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko to provide maximum assistance to the investigation “of the case OASK”, to bring it to its logical conclusion and not to allow any of the perpetrators to avoid responsibility.

According to the Council, the High qualifications Commission of judges shall exclude from the composition of the panel that conducts the assessment of judges, Nikolay Sirosh and Sergei Ostapets, appointed under pressure. In addition, until the investigation is completed CCG should challenge their participation in the plenary sessions, believe in GSO.

Public integrity Council also calls on the Parliament to assess the activities of the Commissioner for human rights, Lyudmila Denisova, which is also mentioned in the published NAB and HCP records.

“The public Council of integrity as authorized by law organ helps to cleanse the judiciary, has repeatedly pointed to systemic problems and called for necessary changes in the procedure qualification and setting rules on assessment. However, the requirements of the Council the bodies of judicial control is still ignored,” concluded the authors of the statement.