“Cash cow” Was about the advantages of Hyundai Creta said the expert

«Дойная корова»: Откровенно о преимуществах Hyundai Creta высказался эксперт

The specialist told about the peculiarities of the South Korean crossover, and acknowledged that this SUV “really is quiet”.

On the YouTube channel “got and Went” published a video on the crossover Hyundai Grand. According to the author of the story, we must admit that the crossover’s “cash cow” of the South Korean brand, and brings to its manufacturer a big profit. The expert in the video spoke frankly about the advantages of Hyundai Creta, explaining that took a survey on the model two years after its appearance on the Russian market. According to the blogger, the machine, despite its relatively modest price tag and status, have good sound insulation. In addition, the car is endowed with good management, and when the crossover picks up speed, its “the wheel is filled with pleasant heaviness”.

A big plus Hyundai Creta is that the crossover can be equipped with both a motor 1.6 and 2.0 units. The expert noted that last very necessary “Crete”, as with the engine 1.6 the machine quite sluggish going “uphill”.

According to the blogger, Hyundai Grand is a good average car that is ideal for those who love nothing stands out from the “crowd” of the machine. This can be seen as a minus, however, the expert acknowledged that the simplicity of the model made it practical, reliable and ergonomic.

The specialist noted that it is very common to hear negative criticism turbines, robotic transmissions and other modern features of cars. Creta and Hyundai can boast of such “old school” as hydrotransformer automatic transmission, 2-liter atmospheric motor, classic clutch to connect all wheel drive, and the car looks like he’s from the “2000s”. It can be assumed that these factors were among those that influenced the crazy success of the crossover in Russia.

«Дойная корова»: Откровенно о преимуществах Hyundai Creta высказался эксперт

«Дойная корова»: Откровенно о преимуществах Hyundai Creta высказался эксперт