Catch fish while you can – April start “Spawning”

Ловите рыбу пока можно - с апреля начнется «Нерест»

Since April 1, will enter into force restrictions on fish and crayfish.

Fishery inspection is already beginning to prepare fishermen to the fact that a month starts spawning fish and begin restrictions on fish and crayfish. From 1 April until the end of June to enforce the ban on fishing for spawning fish, said the head of the Department of ichthyology and fisheries regulation Department of the state fishing Agency in Dnipropetrovsk region Vladimir Ilchenko.

Fishing can only be in certain places, only from the shore, and only one rod, the restrictions apply to catch. Cancers also impossible to catch in the shedding period from 1 April to 30 June and from 20 August to 30 September, informs Ilchenko.

“During this period is on the water with gear fishing is prohibited. Except Amateur fishing with one float fishing rod with one hook or a spinning in the daytime from the shore in permitted areas. Fish should not exceed 3 kg”, – says the expert.

For poaching the fishermen will face serious penalties with the damage calculation for each caught fish. So in addition to a fine, for each perch will have to pay for 510 UAH, UAH 340 pike, catfish 425 UAH, UAH 306 carp, silver carp 255 UAH, UAH 170 bream, tench 119 UAH, even for a “trifle” you will count the damage for the Rudd 34 hryvnia apiece for the carp 17 hryvnia.

Author: Christina Vykhristenko