Catherine Kuhar shared her observations about love

Ukrainian prima ballerina and judge of the TV show “dancing with the stars 2019” Catherine Kuhar on Valentine’s Day, I went to Germany, but admitted that her husband gave her a surprise box of chocolates in my suitcase. In addition, the dancer shared her observations about love.

On his page in instagram Catherine published a tender picture with her husband Alexander. Valentine’s Day couple was forced to be in the distance. Alexander Stoyanov was in France on tour, and his wife went to Berlin international Tanzolymp competition. Ballerina in a note under the photo he wrote his observations about love.

So, Catherine Kuhar shared such statements about the beautiful feeling of love:

  • The woman is the man’s face! He must be proud.
  • A woman should never forget that even with 20 years of experience, first of all, not only a close relative, and the Man! And he wants to see near himself the coveted woman – lover, not just ally and the mother of his children. After 10 and 20 years should stay for my husband by the ocean: sometimes quiet, sometimes turbulent, exciting and changeable, and not mud in the duckweed…
  • A woman should be not only a loved and necessary as air.
  • Understanding without words… If your man does not know how to “read” information about your emotions and internal state via facial expression and look, so it’s not your man.
  • Love for me is not making process, but the ability to give and read the language of love men.

The dancer has completed the publication of the words, the language of love is words, help, touch, gifts, time that you’re giving to your loved one and actions. She also wished everyone a sea of love and, above all, love yourself.