“Cattle-the clients will pay”: Beeline throws the Russians, treating them like dirt

«Быдло-клиенты оплатят»: Билайн разводит россиян, относясь к ним по-свински

One of the largest cellular operators of Russia goes to all sorts of tricks for the sake of profit, forgetting about his reputation. The consequences of this policy: loss of customers who were loyal to the operator for more than 15 years.

So decided to do one of the authors on the popular forum on the Internet. According to the man, for 17 years, he and his family used the services of Beeline. The situation changed last trip of the author of the publication. In January he was in another region of the country where his number was in roaming. During this time he had on the account there is a major disadvantage, it left in a minus on 1,5 thousand rubles. If you drill down on the account revealed that 50 SMS while roaming every message he had 30.5 rubles.

“A total of more than 1,500 rubles per SMS for ten days. But I for the life of SMS are extremely rare. The more that call in roaming is now cheaper,” wrote a subscriber.

This message is sent by the groups, each time took several messages within a few seconds. Incoming SMS were free for the subscriber. According to the author of the publication, in the system of internal operator calculation error occurred. With this question the man turned to the cellular operator, but his request was based was not adopted. The Manager called the man and said that the subscriber has no reason not to trust the internal system of call details, and more detailed specification can be provided only after request from the court.

“Beeline for 17 years, but here is a swinish attitude really has got the style, we will charge as much as we want and prove to you nothing will. Customers for them [Beeline] – rednecks that still pay as much as they expose,” says the author of the publication.

Comments noted that most likely the caller is sent a message that exceeded a certain number of characters because of what they were sent by groups. However, the proposal met the author of the memo, which added that in the phone, all sent messages are saved, and they do not exceed the allowed characters.

Other readers wrote that they left from the operator after Beeline appeared quirks and a variety of stains. Note that this text has not commented on the company’s employees, who mainly keep track of negative publicity on the Network.

«Быдло-клиенты оплатят»: Билайн разводит россиян, относясь к ним по-свински

«Быдло-клиенты оплатят»: Билайн разводит россиян, относясь к ним по-свински