Causes diabetes: the 5 most common myths about sugar

Вызывает диабет: 5 самых распространенных мифов о сахаре

Some people can’t do without sugar. Others, on the contrary, try to avoid it always and everywhere. The attitude to this product has generated a lot of myths you believe in millions of people worldwide. Internet journal Factinteres have gathered 5 popular myths about sugar.

There are useful and harmful types of sugar

There is a myth in which some kinds of sugar are more useful than other types of sugar. The fact that any other sugar, it is normal for us white sugar with some additives. For example, brown sugar is white sugar with added molasses.

Sugar is addictive

Many believe that ceasing to eat sugar, the person starts breaking. Fortunately, no addictive sugar is. Discomfort after the failure of the sugar are just a period of adaptation to the new taste of various foods. Usually this “break-up” takes place 2-3 days after the abandonment of sugar.

Large amounts of sugar causes diabetes

No scientific evidence for the effects of sugar on the appearance of type 1 diabetes is still to be received. Despite the fact that the causes of this disease have been identified, sugar plays no role in this process.

With regard to type 2 diabetes, sugar can affect its appearance, but only indirectly. The fact that the abuse of sugar leads to obesity, which is the reason for the development of type 2 diabetes.

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Sugar is more harmful than the sugar substitutes

This myth was born due to the marketing companies that sell sugar-free. Indeed, sugar substitutes are extremely low in calories, but the negative impact on the body, it is not worth it. The fact that the majority of sweeteners can cause diseases of the heart, blood vessels, intestines, stomach, dementia and stroke.

Sugar need to be completely removed from the diet

No, to exclude completely sugar from a diet is not recommended. The fact that sugar is a source of energy that our body needs. If the body will not have enough energy, a person will begin to weaken the immune system, will appear fatigue, apathy, etc. But that’s no reason to eat pounds of sugar, because any good it will not. The best solution would be a balanced diet and moderate consumption of sugar.