Causes of migraine: the response of physicians

Почему возникает мигрень: ответ медиков

Migraine suffers from a lot of people, but only some of them know the real cause of the disease.

So, scientists spoke about the reasons for constant headaches, and also gave some tips on how to get rid of them.

1. Giving up Smoking cigarettes. Besides the fact that nicotine dependence causes General damage to the body, it also leads to headaches, especially if the patient is a smoker for a long time and often.

2. Frequent consumption of harmful products. If you frequently eat fried, salty and fast food, the headache can become your faithful companion.

3. Often, migraines are prone to hypotensive. In that case, if you have low pressure at the time of the headache, you can drink a Cup of coffee and experience the relief.

4. Oddly enough, but many are trying to solve this problem with the help of alcohol. This is absolutely the wrong method. Not only that, he gives only a one-time effect, so also injurious to health.