CB “South” has been cooperating with Russia through Belarus – blogger

КБ "Южное" сотрудничает с Россией через Беларусь - блогер

Design Bureau “South” led by Alexander Degtyarev is going to sell their design to create a radar satellite to Russia via Belarus.

About this on his Facebook page posted by blogger Sergey Naumovich.

“Watch the hands:

• Russia and Belarus have agreed to build a radar satellite. RF – I understand why, but where the Belarusians experts in the field of space technology? Space technology? Belarus? Seriously?

• Ukrainian CB “South”, which, remember, forbidden to work directly with Russia, have already reported on the completion of the collection of the test sample of the satellite “Sich-2-1”. This device – Oh, coincidence – identical to the one that want to make the Russian-Belarusian partnership. Google.

• A couple of months ago in Zhytomyr on the Ukrainian-Belarusian forum, the parties agreed to cooperate in the space sector. Ie there is an official excuse to “share” with the Belarusian brothers of the Ukrainian developments as part of the agreement.

• The General Director of “southern” Alexander Degtyarev still goes to the meetings of the Board of Trustees of a military Academy in Russia.

A lot of times going to err and make mistakes, but the puzzles inevitably look like this: Alexander Degtyarev, head of KB “southern” and a great friend of separable recently issued myself a new year award in more than 600 thousand UAH. the space under the pretext of friendship of Ukraine and Belarus merges “partners” Ukrainian technologies. Belarusians, in turn, proudly stamped “Maide in Belarus” and “merge” our know-how to the Russians. Everyone is happy. And Belarus reported to the but father, and “brothers” Russians through a chain of corrupt officials and middlemen receive the coveted Ukrainian development, and the Degtyarev bought from the deal a new boat. Here’s a great Christmas food for the SBU and the GPU with DBR/NABU,” wrote in the post Naumovich.

Recall that a few days ago, the CEO of CB South Alexander Degtyaryov has written a prize at 608 000 UAH.