Ceat started selling self-sealing micro-tyres for motorcycles

Ceat начала продажи самогерметизирующихся шин для мотоциклов

Indian Ceat Tyres Ltd has introduced a unique, “one of a kind”, puncture-proof motorcycle tires with imageresize. The line of these self-repairing tubeless tires were developed to prevent deflation after puncture. This property is ensured by the patented sealant, developed by the company Ceat and is able to seal punctures up to a diameter of 2.5 mm.

The company Ceat note that motorcycle tires self-sealing incision will improve the safety of two-wheelers, eliminating the risk of accidents caused by punctures. “Ceat always striving to make mobility safer and more intelligent – said marketing Director of Ceat Tyres Ltd Amit Tolani. – We have released a new range of Ceat tyres Puncture Safe will allow our customers to save time in solving the problem of run-flat tires, faced by every owner of a two-wheeled vehicle.”

Motorcycle tires self-sealing incision line Ceat Puncture Safe are available in seven different sizes that are compatible with the most sold in the Indian market models of motorcycles. Innovative tires can be purchased in some States of South India: Kerala, Karnataka, Mysore and Tamil Nadu.