CEC: elections to the Moscow city Duma will take place the experiment on remote electronic voting

ЦИК: на выборах в Мосгордуму пройдет эксперимент по дистанционному электронному голосованию

In the elections to the Moscow city Duma will conduct an experiment on remote electronic voting. On Tuesday said Deputy Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation Nikolay Bulaev after the meeting of the working group at presidential Administration of the Russian Federation on improvement of electoral legislation.

The initiative to hold in one of the constituencies of the city’s experimental electronic voting election in Moscow September 8, belongs to the Moscow authorities and supported by the working group of the CEC

“The voter through the Moscow portal mos.ru rewrite yourself from your site to the electronic polling station. There will be formed the list of voters, which will be closed three days before the election,” said Bulaev.

The technology of voting is extremely simple: the voter enters his personal office on the website mos.ru receives email newsletter and vote. According to the representative of the CEC, the voting will be equipped with a rigid protection of results, and the votes will flow to the electronic polling station.

Besides, an additional security feature will be the deployment of an electronic election Commission in the same room, the counting of votes will be carried out in real time.

According to TASS, the idea of electronic voting is not new – about the necessity of such a vote, said the head of the public headquarters for the observation of elections in Moscow, the chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov.