Celebrity is a total fake, Emilia Clark about modern standards of beauty

Знаменитости – это сплошная фальшивка, – Эмилия Кларк о современных стандартах красоты

Star of TV series “Game of thrones” Emilia Clarke spoke sharply about the colleagues who resort to radical changes in their appearance. 32-year-old actress says that she was strongly against mobile applications like Photoshop.

The 32-year-old Emily Clark almost 20 million fans in Instagram, but it is not influenced modern mainstream and not trying to become a blogger. On her page all the photos with different filters and face – without makeup and photoshop. In an interview with Vogue, the actress admitted that she was strongly against mobile applications that can drastically change a person’s face.

According to Emilia Clarke, active users of social networks too carried away with programs like Photoshop and Facetune and began to abuse them.

I don’t like doing this. It is not correct. Think of the app by which you can make yourself thinner or smooth out the skin, should be banned… I’m in my Instagram don’t do that. Of course, I use filters, use them all! But I in any case I will not retouch skin and all of the nuances,
assured Emilia Clarke.

After that, she advised the fans to take their special forms and proportions of the body, and not to be perfect photos of the stars.

In celebrities have professionals who help them with diets, workouts, hair, and makeup. They also wear tight underwear. Their image is fake, it’s all fake,
– said the star of “Game of thrones”.