Centre froze the Ethereum address, which saves thousands USDC, users are shocked at the censorship

Centre заморозил Эфириум-адрес, который сохраняет тысячи USDC, пользователи шокированы цензурой

The Issuer stablon Centre confirmed that froze the Ethereum address that contains 100 000 USDC, at the request of law enforcement.

Centre, a company that produces stablly USD Coin (USDC), has blacklisted the Ethereum address, which saves 100000 USDC in response to law enforcement request. For the first time the company has applied the “blacklist (the investors)”, which was due June 16, 2020. It is reported by Cointelegraph.

What was the reason that law enforcement demanded this transaction are not yet known. The only thing blocking this address will not be able to send or receive assets from the smart contract USD Coin. And all USDC stored in the wallet will be unavailable.

Centre based Circle and Coinbase, confirmed the block of addresses:

“Centre confirms that the address is in black list, because of law enforcement requirements. Although we cannot comment on specifics of law enforcement requests to the Centre performs the necessary court order having jurisdiction in respect of the organization”.

Although the press Secretary of the Circle Josh Hawkins (Josh Hawkins) said that he could not provide any information about the black list, it seems that this address can be involved in other thefts cryptocurrency.

In the comments section of another address, the user claims that the owner of the address that is in the black list they stole cryptocurrency:

“Congratulations, the unknown thief, you come into contact with this address 0xEeC84548aAd50A465963bB501e39160c58366692, and you stole from my purse 10000 Loopring Coin (750 euros). I now give you the possibility to return me 10,000 Loopring Coin. Address my you know. If you do not, I will report where you want your two known addresses.”

Last week, the USDC has overcome a market capitalization of a billion dollars, making it the second largest steilcoom after Tether (USDT), and Twitter users compared stablon with the centralized Fiat currencies.

Another user said that Dai (DAI) can fix the issue of centralized control, but they also denied the fact that DAI is supported by USDC and other digital currencies are centrally controlled.

Usually the funds on bloccano Ethereum controlled by the address owner, but relatively USDC address can be transferred in the black list, limit their transactions (sending or receiving) with the smart-USDC contract. Despite the technological turnover, website Circle warns that the addresses in the black list can be “fully and permanently blocked”.

This caused concern among the community around censorship, a user complained on Reddit:

“The control and censorship of the Central government stronger.”

Another user commented on Twitter that “C” USDC “means the censorship.”

As he wrote CoiNews, the user of blockchain Ethereum paid commissions in the amount of $2.6 million per transaction in $130 ETH. The Commission made two million percent, which is more than anyone ever paid for the transfer in Ethereum.

The portal CoiNews wrote that Tether, USD Coin, and Binance USD reported three-digit growth rates of market capitalization in the current year.

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