“Centrenergo” has returned to the purchases of coal Akhmetov according to the “Rotterdam+”

"Центрэнерго" вернулось к закупкам угля Ахметова по формуле "Роттердам+"

State energy generating company “Centrenergo” started to buy Ukrainian coal for its thermal power plants at a price that is determined by the formula “Rotterdam+”.

According to the report, the Ministry of energy on behalf of President Vladimir Zelensky has completed a mediation between the representatives of coal mines and PJSC “Centrenergo”. The result of difficult negotiations was the conclusion of the contract on the restoration of supplies of Ukrainian coal to power stations of state generating company, OJSC “Tsentrenergo”.

“The Department of energy within its powers has made every effort to restoring the work of Ukrainian miners. We expect the launch of a large coal-mining unions since Monday. The current situation has once again convinced us of the need for an integrated and systematic solution of problems of the energy sector”, commented on the reached agreement, acting Minister of energy Olga Bukovec.

According to her, further the efforts of the Ministry will seek to improve the current model of the electricity market, the curvature of which led to the crisis, including for domestic miners.

In turn, General Director of “DTEK Energo” Dmitry Sakharuk 10 July in the program “Freedom of Speech” on the channel “Ukraine”” reported that “Centrenergo” will buy Ukrainian coal without intermediaries at a price that is determined by the formula “Rotterdam+”.

“As a result of long, difficult negotiations, under the mediation of President’s Office and the Ministry of energy, on 10 July an agreement was signed for the supply of Ukrainian coal to Ukrainian thermal power plants PJSC “Centrenergo”. At a price that is transparent, free of corruption and shows that the miners can earn money in Ukraine. The price at which will be supplied by coal, will be linked to import parity (“Rotterdam+”)”, – said Sakharuk.

However, he added that the pricing of coal in Ukraine is the best “Tsentrenergo”, since the proposal is 20% cheaper than the state coal mines, and 10% cheaper gas.

“I’m glad today is a triumph of historical justice. Confirmed that the price of coal, which was calculated by the formula Rotterdam+ and which is fixed in the contract with Centrenergo, is the fairest and the European price for coal,” said Sakharuk.

As reported, in the summer of 2019 in state company “Centrenergo” was appointed as the new management, which is associated with the group “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky. At the end of last year, the losses of state-owned companies amounted to 2.5 billion UAH in 2018 it was profitable (UAH 1.4 billion).After a change of management since August “Tsentrenergo” switched from coal state mines coal from Russia, which were bought through intermediaries close to Kolomoisky.

In early may during a meeting in Minamaneho acting Minister Olga Bukovec criticized “Centrenergo” for refusing to purchase coal from state mines, the debt to the miners and the beginning of the procurement of natural gas of the company “United energy”, close to the oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, who became the largest importer of electricity from Russia after the so-called “amendments Gerus” the opening of direct supply from Russia.

17 June, the Cabinet prioritized the use of domestic coal production in the production of electrical energy in the Ukrainian thermal power plants, in particular, the company “Centrenergo”. Then Prime Minister Denis Shmigel noted that now state “Centrenergo” will actively buy coal from the state mines.

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