Cervical degenerative disc disease: causes of disease and how to fight it

Шейный остеохондроз: причины заболевания и как с ним бороться

Neck pain, stiffness, memory loss – all symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease. There may be other manifestations of this disease, reports myjane. In any case, the quality of life deteriorates.

When the disease occurs deformity of the intervertebral discs. They lose their elasticity, on the edges of the vertebrae appear sharp bone growths. These violations are accompanied by compression of the nerve roots and tensions of the neck muscles. Therefore, there is pain.

The causes of osteochondrosis most often the following:

the metabolic disorders;


sedentary lifestyle;


excessive exercise;

flat feet;

problems with posture;


As for treatment, use of medications, physical therapy, gymnastics. Of course, it is important and nutrition.

Of drugs prescribed drugs that restore cartilage tissue, b vitamins that improve metabolic processes in nervous tissue, and medicines that improve the process of blood flow to the brain. But in General, assignments are individual. For example, if the pain is severe, may prescribe painkillers. That is, the assignment depends on the symptoms and stage of the disease.

Administrated massage and medical gymnastics. And if massage courses, the exercises must deal with constantly. This will reduce pain and slow the process of disease development. Regarding physical treatments, administered laser therapy, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, electrophoresis and other procedures.

The diet should be fish, seafood, legumes, nuts, dairy products, spinach. These foods contain a lot of calcium and magnesium. But sugar, salt, pastry should be cut. The same goes for spicy, smoked and fatty foods.