CES 2020: truly wireless charging for smartphone

CES 2020: по-настоящему беспроводная зарядка для смартфона

At the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas the company Yank Technologies presented the future of automotive wireless charging for smartphones.

The American company Yank Technologies has developed a wireless charging device, based on the three-dimensional antenna array and the amplifiers of the new generation. Presented at CES 2020 technology allows you to charge your phone from anywhere on the vehicle without physical contact between device and charger. To recharge enough to the phone supported wireless charging, or it was connected to the adapter. Technology allows you to simultaneously charge all the devices located in the vehicle and provide power to various built-in components of the car such as electric mirrors or keychain. The charging power of the device is 30 watts.

According to the Yank Technologies, the technology developed by them is fully safe because it emits only 0.06 watts of radio-wave radiation per kilogram of body weight, which is confirmed by the measurements of the Federal Commission for USA connection. For comparison, mobile phone, leaning against your ear, emits 1.1-1.5 W / kg.

Prospects for the use of the new charging system in production vehicles is not sounded.