Chairman Swedbank left the post from-for scandal around the laundering of money

Председатель Swedbank покинул пост из-за скандала вокруг отмывания денег

A week ago, Swedbank already broke up with her CEO Birgitte Bonnesen. The Bank is accused of money laundering in connection with the scandal around the branch of Danske Bank in Estonia.

Swedish Bank Swedbank against the backdrop of allegations of money laundering, put forward in a recent report, leaves the head of the administrative Council. Lars, Idermark immediately decided to leave this position, Swedbank announced on Friday, April 5. The successor to Idermark will be Ulrike Franke, who served as his Deputy.

Earlier, Swedbank left the General Director Birgitte Bonnesen. First, the administrative Council of the Bank expressed to her trust, but about a week ago fired her amid the burgeoning scandal.

The Swedish Agency for combating economic crimes after a search in the headquarters of Swedbank in Stockholm under the expanded preliminary investigation in respect of that credit institution. If earlier, Swedbank was suspected of only the illegal disclosure of inside information, it is now a large-scale fraud.

Suspicious transaction / s Estonian branch

In February, the Swedish broadcasting company SVT in one of the reports of Swedbank accused of money laundering in connection with the scandal around the Danish branch of Danske Bank in Estonia. Danish Bank threatening legal action, fines and penalties after 2018, he acknowledged that through its Estonian subsidiary from 2007 to 2015 were questionable transactions totaling 200 million euros.

Swedbank positions itself as one of the leading banks in Sweden and throughout the Baltic region. By its own estimates, Swedbank services are used by over 7 million individuals and nearly 600 thousand legal entities.


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