Championships China basketball interrupted due to the coronavirus, the Legionnaires EN masse left the country

The Chinese basketball Association has decided to stop the regular season due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

According to Eurohoops, all foreign players and coaches have already left China. Also cancelled all command measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


  • The new coronavirus from China (2019-nCoV) is actively spreading around the world. As of January 30, infected more than 7 thousand people. 172 unfortunately, died. Doctors managed to cure 138.
  • 28 January it was reported that a group of researchers in Hong Kong have developed a vaccine against the coronavirus. However, its use can only be made after clinical trials.
  • The symptoms of mers: fever, headache, cough, shortness of breath, weakness.
  • China has imposed a quarantine in 16 cities, in particular in Wuhan, where the infection started.
  • Ukraine has not recorded a single case of the disease. However, the Ministry takes all security measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country. In particular, all passengers arriving from China, check for signs of disease.

When it will resume the championship is still unknown. The players got the opportunity to continue playing in Europe and NBA.

What competitions have already moved from China due to the outbreak of coronavirus

  • Matches of the Olympic selection in basketball among women’s teams moved from Foshan to the Serbian Belgrade.
  • The organizing Committee of the Olympic games-2022, which will be held in Beijing, abolished the ceremonial start of the countdown to the competition, which was to be held at the stadium “bird’s nest”.
  • The international ski Federation (FIS) took the decision to cancel the world Cup in Alpine skiing in the Chinese Antine due to the outbreak of coronavirus.
  • The winter world championship in athletics, which was held in the Chinese Nanjing from 13 to 15 March, postponed to 2021.
  • The FIA is monitoring the situation closely. April 15, China planned the Grand Prix of Formula 1.