Changing social policy: this spring, or five years from now?

Изменение социальной политики: уже этой весной или через пять лет?

While some presidential candidates engaged in personal ratings, create a show for their supporters through social networks, do not emerge from the television and arguing over petty issues, the figures of state statistics kill any belief in a fair social policy of the current government.

First, we note that the January sociological research group “Rating”, 70% of respondents believe that the country needs a radical change and 80% are not satisfied with the activities of the current President. A growing number of those who have placed the greatest responsibility for solving the country’s problems on the President (in September 2017 was 49%, now 57%).

But otherwise, if according to official government statistics, the unemployment rate is 10%? The number of labour migrants reaches 4 million people. Ukrainians receive the lowest salaries in Europe. In 2018 Ukraine ranked 138 out of 156 in the world on International happiness index, as a basis for the definition of which is people’s well-being, healthy life expectancy, freedom of life choices, the environment, and the like.

Second, the start of the election campaign showed that most candidates social policy is considered irrelevant to themselves. Others concentrate on public relations for humanitarian Affairs, someone offers to negotiate with Russia, someone just turns the election into a mockery, because there is no experience of government and do not understand how ordinary people live. However, the ordinary voter thinks otherwise. He is concerned about utility rates, health care, access to quality education, wages and pensions. Can the article 1 of the Constitution and not written that Ukraine is a social state?

A single candidate for the presidency, which raises the question of a radical change in social policy, and understands where to find the resource for this is Yulia Tymoshenko. She together with a team of economists, demographers and scientists at the forum in Kiev in October discussed the necessary social changes. Is it any wonder that according to the survey, And strengthened faith in victory in the elections it is Tymoshenko? 23% of respondents believe that it will become the next President of Ukraine.

The social sphere is something that directly affects everyone. People, of course, worried about the fate of the peace settlement in the Donbass, dream of the return of the Crimea to Ukraine, are interested in the establishment of the Autocephalous churches, but they also have the right to decent daily life, education, medical care, pension. Because without them it is impossible to form a civil state and a reasonable position on the overwhelming majority of the aforementioned political issues.

And while Ukraine is dramatically losing its main resource is a smart and active young people. Today every 4th young Ukrainian aged 14 to 30 years is unemployed. Up to 80% of young people do not have their own housing. Twice the mortality rate continues to exceed the birth rate. The EU even begins to appear in the competition for Ukrainian. For example, the Czech government recently declared that is ready to take on the work of 20 000 Ukrainian according to the procedure of the facilitated employment. The plans of Germany also essential simplification of employment of the Ukrainian. And that will remain the domestic economy?

Therefore, the question of choice of development strategy this spring is a matter prevent Ukraine from losing in the competitive struggle in the world. And this is possible only when return policy to people. No wonder why more than half of respondents in the aforementioned study, “Rating” believe that the government lacks honesty, and the third adds that the lack of humanity and efficiency.

To return humanity to the state youth policy means to create the necessary conditions for decent life and self-realization through the introduction of a systematic programme of support to young people, which Yulia Tymoshenko is presented in the capital at the end of the year.Won including microcredit business without collateral at 3% per annum, low mortgage loans no down payment a minimum of 10 years with government insurance, the increase in financial aid at birth of first child up to 50 thousand UAH. the second – 100 thousand UAH. the third – 150 thousand UAH.

Support the Ukrainian youth should be the means of restoring social dignity of the Ukrainian nation. To not miss this chance.

The material provides information on the results of sociological research conducted by the sociological group “Rating”. The study surveyed 6000 citizens of Ukraine aged 18 years and over, by the method of personal formalized interview (face-to-face). The inaccuracy of not more than 1.3%. Time of completion: 16-24 January 2019 to the entire territory of Ukraine, excluding the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk, Luhansk regions and Crimea.