Channel Medvedchuk and advocates of the “Russia 24” will hold a joint teleconference

Канал Медведчука и пропагандисты "Россия 24" устроят совместный телемост

Ukrainian TV channel NewsOne belonging to the associate of Viktor Medvedchuk Taras Kozak, and the Russian Pro-Kremlin TV channel “Russia 24” will hold a joint teleconference, “we Need to talk”

The so-called two-hour teleconference will be held on Friday, July 12, reported the Russian is a leading and well-known anti-Ukrainian propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov in the program “Vesti Nedeli”.

To begin this “teleconference” should at 17: 00 Kyiv time. Leading from the “Russia 24” will Maria Sittel and Andrey Malakhov, from NewsOne – Vasily Golovanov and Elena chirica.

The Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on freedom of speech and information policy Victoria syumar already commented on such intentions on the page in Facebook. Sumar condemned the conduct of the bridge, calling it treason.

Teleconferences, dialogues – everything is great. But only when Russia withdraws from the Ukrainian Donbass and the Crimea. All the rest is treason. Point. Some are killed, winning every meter of their land. Others – “teleconference” building

– she wrote.

The media in Ukraine, Medvedchuk controls?

A Pro-Russian politician and member of the party, “the Opposition platform “For life” Viktor Medvedchuk, de jure is not owned by any media group. However, de facto under its control are three news channel.

We are talking about NewsOne, “112 Ukraina” and ZIK. Them according to the documents owned by the MP of the VIII-convocation of the Verkhovna Rada from the faction “Opposition bloc” and the right hand of Medvedchuk Taras Kozak.

Marathon for the purchase of TV channels, Kozak began relatively recently:

  1. 5 Oct 2018 bought NewsOne Andriy Portnov Deputy head of the presidential Administration of Yanukovych
  2. 14 Dec 2018 “got” TV channel “112 Ukraine“which became the German Edward Katz. Although, when in 2018 the owner was Katz, investigative journalists had already called Medvedchuk unofficial channel owner. Resonance investigation here.
  3. 14 June 2018, it became known about the successful agreement between the Lviv oligarch Petro Dyminsky and Cossack, in which the latter got their hands on.

TV speak Ukrainian oligarchs / Infographic 24 channel

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