Chaplyga: “the impression that the opinion of Epiphanius in the DNC means nothing”

Чаплыга: «Создается впечатление, что мнение Епифания в ПЦУ ничего не значит»

Although the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, has called upon believers to respect the quarantine in the Orthodox churches of Ukraine on this issue “full of discord”. Writes about this on Facebook a well-known blogger and human rights activist Mikhail Chaplya.

“In the meantime, ptsu full of discord. Epiphanius calls to follow quarantine! But his authority means nothing. Metropolitan Volyn Lutsk and actively encourages Michael to go to Church and not to panic, spread by the media. The speaker of the Synod ptsu Eustratius (Zorya) also said that the quarantine for them does not mean anything” – led the human rights activist three different positions of the hierarchy of the DNC quarantine.

As explained by Chaplyga, Metropolitan Volyn Lutsk and it is no coincidence that Michael opposes the Epiphany. He recalled what Michael claimed to be head of the DNC instead of Epiphany, but he was forced to withdraw his candidacy.

“Apparently, Epiphanius little control in ptsu, and Metropolitan Volyn Lutsk and Michael continues his competition with Epiphany for the leadership in the DNC – it’s no secret that he is in the main position he saw himself,” he explained.

Even during the epidemic in the DNC there is no unity on such an important for parishioners to question…”, – concluded the defender.

Chaplyga notes how the opponents of the DNC just say that Epiphanius & Co do not care about the health of the congregation.

“Guys, your intrigue in the style of “who will podsizhivayut” – your internal affair. But because of this inconsistency the impression that the bishops of the PCU, to put it mildly, it is that there will be believers. And I’m not talking about how evil tongues shout loud and clear that DNC do not care about the health of their parishioners…” – resents it.

“And I have another question: controls whether ptsu Epiphany, something it affect? Or have no effect?”, – asks the human rights activist Mikhail Chaplya.