Charging electric cars will charge Autonomous robots

One of the benefits of electric vehicles – opportunities for building infrastructure of charging stations. They can install one almost anywhere in the city. Plus, they take up minimal space.

A few years ago on the show Day Future Mobility Volkswagen has revealed a concept of a mobile robot, which helps to charge electric cars, driving them batteries. The new model serves several machines, says the New Atlas.

How to work work tankers

At the signal, the driver who opened the app in the smartphone or the car itself, which is connected via communication between vehicle and infrastructure (V2X), Autonomous robot arrives to the electric vehicle including the battery. The phone supports fast charging up to 50 kW, the capacity of about 25 kWh.

The separation of the robot from the device energy storage allows it to connect to other machines, without waiting to finish charging first. Although this design requires a few batteries in the compartment, it is still more economical because all the equipment for Autonomous navigation, cameras, laser scanners, ultrasonic sensors – only need the robot.

Зарядку электромобилей поручат автономным роботам

Зарядку электромобилей поручат автономным роботам

Robots tankers

The company expects that such robotic systems can provide the necessary infrastructure and Parking areas where uneconomical or impossible to install a stationary point charge.

We deliver charging equipment to the car, not Vice versa. With her help, we electrificare almost every Parking without creating a complicated and unique infrastructure. This is a prototype of the future, which could become a reality very soon, if the conditions are suitable
said mark Moeller, head of Volkswagen Group Components.

The refusal of cars with internal combustion engines involves not only the mass production of electric cars, but the infrastructure for them – primarily the network of charging stations. While a problem with that, but Volkswagen plans to change the situation. The company announced that 2025 will be built in Europe 36 thousand charging points for electric vehicles.

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