Charismatic Dan Balan charmed fans of bright photos

Харизматичный Дан Балан очаровал поклонников ярким фото

40-year-old Moldovan singer and one of the coaches of the Ukrainian project “the Voice” Dan Balan showed his stylish photos that quickly became popular among his fans in social networks.

New the artist published on his page in Instagram.

Moldovan singer who worldwide popularity has increased the number of fans around the world, earlier it was told that never in my life experienced true love. However, he gets plenty of love fans in the network.

So, photos of Dan Balan on the network for the first 30 minutes was attended by about 10 thousand likes and lots of declarations of love in the comments.

“I love you”, “Luxury photo luxury man”, “how to love”, “Photo fire, so much magic and witchcraft in the eyes, gaze”, “the feeling that you’re here Dan asks: “Girl, can I have your hand?”, – write users in the network.