Chassis Bollinger will go to the side

Шасси Bollinger пойдет на сторону

American electric Motors Bollinger startup we’ve been tracking for about three years, has announced that it will establish production in 2021. Where it is still unknown but the company announced that, in addition to SUV and pickup truck B1 B2 will be output separately (and probably sell) the underlying E-Chassis.

Universal patented platform startup Robert Bollinger proposes to use for commercial purposes because it can be installed on almost any body type. Aluminum “trolley” with a built-in battery 120 and 180 kilowatt-hours is equipped with independent hydropneumatische all wheels with the optional portal axles and clearance for up to half a meter and motors on each axis allows you to build as all-terrain vehicle for extreme off-road conditions and is very practical goods, capable of “through” to carry loads greater than its own dimensions of length.

One of the main competitors of Bollinger on the part of utilitarian electric SUV is considered to be Rivian also American startup. At the same time “Riviana” things are much better: we have own factory in Illinois, several billion dollars has already been collected investments from giants like Amazon and Ford, as well as agreements for the use of its electric platform models of Lincoln and Automobili Pininfarina – among other things.