Cheating husband Ani Lorak: the father of the singer commented on the scandal – 24 Channel

Зрада чоловіка Ані Лорак: батько співачки прокоментував скандал - 24 Канал

Network excited the video, which is seen as the husband of the singer Ani Lorak, businessman Murat Nalchadjan, fun in a nightclub with another woman. Such treason said the father of the actress Miroslav KUEK.

Recently, the media broke the news: Ani Lorak husband does not hide his infidelity. In the network appeared the scandalous video, which shows how Murat Nalchadjan fun in the company of another woman in one of the clubs. The man gently hugged the brunette’s waist and put a hand on her hip.

Itself Ani Lorak has not commented on the scandalous news. However, the singer’s father, Miroslav KUEK. In comments to the Russian tabloid StarHit the man said that the video he had not seen, but believes that the media dramatize this situation.

All of them with Murat’s okay, they’re together. Don’t know why exactly. How disgusting to destroy the family!
– said Miroslav KUEK.


Insiders say that this is not the first time Murat catches cheating. However, Ani Lorak he is forgiving, and relatives and friends jealously protect. supported the businessman and club staff who are familiar with it.

“We always see a Murat or a single, or with friends. Anya’s probably got other ideas about the rest. He is a decent man who loves his family. But do not deny that each person can get into such a situation, if it is annoying to spin the lady. This is our nature,” – said D. J. Andrew.

Note that the media learned the name of the girl with whom rested Murat Salcaja. This is Yana Belyaeva – girl he knows for a long time. According to unofficial information, Murat was removed to her home in Kiev and paid for expensive plastic surgery.

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