Chelsea home underclass “Watford”,: VAR, and the next goal Willian – video

"Челси" дома деклассировал "Уотфорд": ВАР и очередной гол Виллиана – видео

"Челси" дома деклассировал "Уотфорд": ВАР и очередной гол Виллиана – видео

July 4, Chelsea met with the “Watford” in the match of round 33 of the Premier League. Team Lampard did not leave a trace from the guests in the match.

Chelsea – Watford 3:0

Goals: Giroud, 28, Willian, 43 (p), Barkley 90 + 2

A clear leader

Chelsea immediately showed on the pitch, who is the favourite. Several dangerous moments were not crowned with a goal in gate of the rival.

But on 28 minutes, Barkley was in a good position to strike, but saw teammate and gave him a pass. Fat got and shot into the bottom corner – 1:0.

At the end of the first half of the Kapu played very roughly to its goal – the referee awarded a penalty.

The ball took Willian and left no chance foster – 2:0.

In the second half, a great opportunity to increase the score got Fat. The Frenchman struck outside the penalty area – the goalkeeper became the Savior of the team.

Chelsea completely controlled the game.

Dangerous moment was at the Welbeck. The Englishman received the ball on the move in the opponent’s penalty area, not lifting his head, he was struck in the right part of the gate – Cap pulled the ball.

In the 81st minute, Politics fell in the penalty box after a fight with the defender of the guests.

Football team Lampard asked the judge to appoint a penalty. First, the referee threw up his hands, and after a few seconds decided to watch a replay. After viewing the OPTIONS, Kevin Friend decided that Politics he fell in the penalty area.

It seemed that the match would end, but Barkley thought otherwise. 90+2 minute, the Englishman brought the score to devastating – 3:0.

Final score of the match – 3:0.

A review of the match Chelsea – Watford

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