“Chemist” in a tense struggle snatched victory from the “Kiev-Basket” – 24 Channel

"Хімік" у напруженій боротьбі вирвав перемогу в "Київ-Баскету" - 24 Канал

In Kiev took place the match of the regular championship of Ukrainian basketball Superleague, which “Kiev-basket” took yuzhnensky “Chemist” and lost in a completely equal game.

“Kiev-Basket” – “The Chemist” 77:80 (12:21, 22:20, 23:18,20:21)

The match began in the capital sport complex “Meridian” with some chaotic action from both teams: as a result of his first points as a “Chemist” and “Kiev-basket” scored from the free throw line.

After that, the guests who played without their first main room Ilya Sidorov, was able to seize the advantage. However, far from the wards of Vitaly Stepnovskogo owners of a parquet have not released. Only at the end of the quarter “Chemist” is still able to get the advantage of 9 points – 12:21.

The second quarter has begun with active actions from the leaders of the hosts of the parquet, namely Screaming and Lutsenko, who made some important shots and managed to reduce the backlog. During the period, the team held a difference of 5-8 points in favor of “Chemist”, while in the middle of the quarter “Kyiv-basket” was not honored in another leap, a spectacular ending which was accurate ranged attack from the Creek – 28:28. However, the last word was again for linecame, which until the end of the first half was once again able to retire to a more comfortable difference of 34:41.

In the third period the hosts of parquet became more active Mangano, who again evened the score in the game, but again not for long, because before the siren, telling about the end of the period Antipov scored trehochkovy and regained the advantage for his team.

In the last quarter “Chemist” continued to bend the line on the court, “Kiev-basket” was playing catch-up. 45 seconds to complete the quarter Mangano evened the score in the game, however, one of the leaders of the “Chemist” – Edwin of yuzhnenets again brought forward. After a minute break Mangano again equalized and seemingly sent the game into overtime, but were against the young Kirill Marchenko, who is in charge of their own long shot with deflection together with Serena in the UK Meridian – 77:80 away win.

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