“Chemist” in persistent struggle snatched victory from the “Kiev-Basket” – 24 Channel

"Хімік" у запеклій боротьбі вирвав перемогу в "Київ-Баскету" - 24 Канал

October 18 at southern local “Chemist” held the first home match of the regular championship of the Superleague of Pari-Match, in which the bronze medalists of last season, took the debutant of the elite division of the capital “Kiev-basket”.

Khimik – Kiev-Basket 89:75 (22:19, 16:19, 27:16, 24:21)

Team without delay started the game with guests, as expected, pressed through the paint and to help BGMEA Kiev from the bench came with an explosive Scream. However, the starting period and won the yuzhnenets, in which composition 10 points in the first quarter and scored Edwin.

The long-awaited surge occurred in the second part of the third quarter. Kiev was too fond of individual actions in attack and less steel to use to his advantage in the paint. The owners continued to bend the line, actively moving the ball in the attack, which resulted in the apt loose a three-pointer by Riabchuk and Pavlova, and a good cut in the attack from Edwin secured a breakthrough of yuzhnenets – 13:2.

Final ten-minute the guests started with a backlog of 11, but 6 minutes was able to eat the advantage of “Chemist”, which is effective after a fast separation Lutsenko was only 2 points.

However, the “finest hour” of Maurice Creek has spoiled all the plans of Kiev on the comeback. After a spectacular Danko Jones Creek failed to score the easy 2 points, missing from under the basket, then fouled on Sidorov, who played 3-points shot. Point guard of yuzhnenets realized all three shots, and then in the next attack, the Creek made a loss on that yuzhnenets vdovine even one successful attack from Paul, returning a comfortable +9 for 2 minutes before the end of the match.

The advantage of the yuzhnenets was not released and even developed it, bringing the match to a victory — 89:75. Runs of bad luck “Kiev-Basket” in the second parts of the third and fourth of destinyink did not allow the team Evgeny Murzin to cling to their first away win of the season.

Their next game “Khimik” will play October 20 at home against “Cherkassk Mavp” and “Kiev-basket” on the same day will play away against Odessa.

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