“Chemist” in the intense match I beat “Polytechnic” – 24 Channel

"Хімік" у напруженому матчі обіграв "Політехнік" - 24 Канал

Kharkiv “Polytechnic” in the match against yuzhnensky “Chemist” could hope for a win. And the hosts managed to keep a positive result.

Both teams started the game quite smoothly: first, the guests opened the score in the match, but very quickly yuzhnenets also scored his first points. In the middle of the quarter the score was 10:11 in favor of “Polytechnic”. The teams continued to play evenly, not letting each other into the lead. The first period and sakaniwa with a minimum advantage of guests – 18:19.

The second quarter has begun with active actions of the legionaries of Kharkiv: the leader of Telcon Cromer first came three, and then added another two points to the opponent’s basket, the coach of “Chemist” Vitaly Stepanovski was forced to react by the minute, which, in turn, was quite productive. After the break it legionaries the hosts took the initiative and started to reduce the deficit.

As a result, after a few moments, “Khimik” was in front with a pretty convincing difference. At the end of the period of Roman Kozlov tried to reduce the gap for his accurate throws, however, the bright end of the second period from Voynalovich and Jones did not allow the residents to close the account.

The second half also started with a jerk of yuzhnenets: Americans Edwin and Jones executed a successful attack and increased their lead his team to 15 points. Politekhnik tried to win at the expense of accurate far, however, the team of Vladimir Koval in this quarter, did not really work on the floor. In the end, the third quarter was lost to Kharkiv with a difference of 12 points.

However, in the last quarter of the guests still found the strength. Efficient actions of Cromer and Graham, as well as assistance from Roczniak and Zavadsky allowed the team in red is good to thrill fans at FSK “Olymp”. Kharkiv quickly reduced the difference from -20 to -6 and made Vitali Stepnovskogo to rebuild the team in the last few minutes. But still to bright the outcome is not the last seconds of the game did not come: the yuzhnenets still managed to maintain his lead and didn’t allow the opponent to get the score close. 94:82 victory “the Chemist”.

Chemist – Polytechnic 94:82 (18:19, 29:17, 28:20, 19:26)

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