“Chemist” won “Dnepr” in the first semifinal match of the super League play-offs

"Химик" обыграл "Днепр" в первом матче полуфинала плей-офф Суперлиги

Yuzhnensky “Chemist” opened semifinal series with FC Dnipro home game. And won it.

Khimik – Dnipro 95:85 (20:17, 26:26, 22:16, 27:26). Account in the series 1-0.

“Dnepr” not too successfully started the match, but “the Chemist” with their possibilities to get points not used. Although the yuzhnenets better spent the second half of the first quarter and won its “+3”.

The main characters of the second quarter for the hosts were the defenders Ilya Sidorov and Deon Edwin. The Ukrainian, coming off the bench, converted 4 of 5 three-pointers and Edwin from time to time to deal with his opponents one on one. Dnipro answered more command attack and thanks to a better movement of the ball kept finding holes in the protection of the owners. Equal in the game Khimik managed to keep 3-point lead before the big break in the first place thanks to a decent percentage of hits three-pointers – 6 of 13.

In the third quarter of the yuzhnenets managed to increase the lead. The team of Vitaly Stepanovski momentum in his game, while “Dnepr” in the attack significantly slowed down, focusing on attacks from behind the arc. As a result, the “Chemist” for the first time in this match got a double-digit gap, saving 9 points advantage before the final quarter.

One of the key problems Denis Zhuravlev the end of the game became a foul-trouble Misuli Glebova, which very soon joined by Sizov, and three personal observations timofeyenko, which the captain seized in the first quarter.

At the start of the final quarter, “Dnipro” punch and reduced the gap to 5 points but then came two consecutive three-pointers from Kirill Marchenko who brought his team a double-digit advantage and sent Dnipro down, to return after which they never managed. The visitors failed to cope with nerves, for the second technical foul of the game made the head coach of guests Denis Zhuravlev, otvalilas just four players “Dnepr” – timofeyenko, Mishula, Sundell and Sizov… “the Chemist” the better team had a great second half and won the opening match (95:85), sweep the semifinal series.

The second match of the series the teams will play in the South on 8 April at 18:30.