Chemwiki through closed checkpoints on the border with the Crimea will resume: as is known, when the Channel 24

Закриті через хімвикид пункти пропуску на межі з Кримом відновлять роботу: відомо, коли - 24 Канал

Control points of entry and exit at the border with the occupied Crimea “Kalanchak and Chaplinka” will resume on Saturday, September 15. The passage of people and vehicles through adminimage Ukrainian border guards will begin at 10:00.

This was reported by the press service of the state border service of Ukraine.

24 channel reported that the checkpoints of entry-departure “Kalanchak and Chaplinka” on the border with the Crimea stopped its work on 6 September using the chemical release, which occurred in Armyansk.

Recall that to preserve the life and health of citizens who followed through PPC, and personnel of the state border service through the perilous environmental situation at the plant “Titan” on the territory of THE Crimea, it was decided to suspend the operation of these checkpoints of entry and exit,
reminded the Ukrainian border guards.

The Ministry also stressed that UKRAINE will continue to monitor the situation. In case of worsening situation and possible danger to life and health of the people may again be subject of a separate decision about the discontinuation of crossing the KPVV.

By the way, the Ministry temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons were notified that the plant “Crimean Titan”, where there are dangerous chemical emissions, was disrupted the production process and there carried out the repair work.

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