“Cherkassk Mavpy” and “Kiev-basket” revenge of rivals: Saturday’s announcement of matches – 24 Channel

"Черкаські Мавпи" та "Київ-Баскет" прагнуть реваншу у суперників: анонс суботній матчів - 24 Канал

Saturday, 10 November, super League Betting-Match will delight fans two interesting confrontations: “Cherkassy Monkeys” will take on its platform, “Chemist”, and “Kiev-basket” will play at home with “Odessa”. The owners of these matches last time lost to their rivals and they will now have a great chance to take revenge.

However, the task will not be simple. “Kiev-basket” will meet with Odessa after a match with “Chemist”, while teams from the southern Palmyra “in Cherkasy Maitami” has been moved. This was done to relieve the schedule of the Ukrainian Champions, because they are parallel to the European competitions. Besides, “Odessa” managed to strengthen the climate Artamonov, which is the starting period of the season, held in Cherkasy.

Will try to play more “wide” part and focus on protection. I think that with “Odessa” last time we missed many easy points. There is still a lot of work because there are errors, both individual and collective. Odessites have a strong team, well-equipped, including foreigners, but a lot of players in the team is still new. To draw Parallels with our previous match is not worth it, every game now is like the previous. So far, there is a period of preparation,” – said the main coach of BC “Kiev-basket” Evgeny Murzin.

Loss Artamonova will have an impact on the “Cherkassy Monkeys”, which so far only grope their game in the super League Betting-Match – the team scored only one win in the championship and the same in Europe Cup. The current champion of Ukraine yet scored the least points in the domestic championship, however, and matches the “Cherkassy Monkeys” was less than other teams.

“I think, “Cherkasy Maitami” will be interesting and entertaining match, with plenty of struggle. I do not exclude that everything will be decided in the last seconds, as it now often happens in the super League Betting-Match. Bet on team play”, – said the chief coach of BC “Khimik” Vitaly Stepanovski.

Without a doubt, all of the opposing teams in these matches will not lack motivation. Each of them determined to win and ready to fight to the final siren. So the fans can count on an exciting fight and a great spectacle at both sites.

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