Chernivtsi found a dead baby in suitcase: there was a terrible detail

В Черновцах нашли мертвого ребенка в чемодане: появилась страшная деталь

Mother of 2-year-old boy who was found in a red suitcase in Chernivtsi, brought to the wasteland, his son is already dead, and the child died a few days before. In addition, the police still can’t find a woman.

The evening of 27 June in Chernivtsi passers-by found the red suitcase in which lay the body of a dead 2-year-old boy, though traces of violent death on his body was not. According to the results of forensic medical examination, the child died due to asthma attack.

In addition, the experts found that the boy died several days before his body was found.

The child arrived late cadaveric changes, there is a certain period of time has passed since the detection. The experts came to the conclusion that the death was the result of a congenital lung disease, most likely, death occurred as a result of status asthmaticus,

– told the Deputy chief of Bureau it is judicial-medical examination Alexander Lazebnik in comments TSN.

Later it became known that threw the dead body of the mother. Surveillance cameras, in particular, recorded that the woman (she lived two kilometers away from the vacant lot) the night had brought a suitcase and threw it in the bushes. Neighbors of the woman, for their part, say that that never worked and the child was not looking, so he recently felt bad.

Police are hunting would-be mother still, her whereabouts are unknown. Meanwhile, the boy’s father is now serving a sentence for committing property crimes. The child buried his grandparents, who hail from the Khmelnytskyi region.

Note that this is not the first high-profile death of a child that occurred in Ukraine for the last time. First and foremost is to remember the murder of 5-year-old Cyril Tleuova, 11-year-old Darya Lukyanenko and 9-year-old Zahar Cherevko.


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В Черновцах нашли мертвого ребенка в чемодане: появилась страшная деталь