Chevrolet Aveo to dismiss for electric cars

Chevrolet Aveo отправят в отставку ради электрокаров

The heir to have a model family, in the USA known under the name of Sonic will not.

Chevrolet representatives said that has already informed its dealers about plans on discontinuing the Sonic/Aveo in October, and did so allegedly about a month ago. It is argued that the main reason of refusal of the further Assembly of the model family was a notable decline in demand.

However, it is highly likely for the company is much more important, officially announced the second factor – the need to release the Assembly capacity at the Orion plant in Michigan for production of electric Chevrolet Bolt family. It is only green hatchback, but later joined the compact crossover – it is now known under the designation Bolt EUV.

It is expected that the SUV will be slightly larger than the platform of the hatch (for example, promise to increase the wheelbase by 75 mm) and will be more richly equipped. In particular, the Chevrolet Bolt EUV will be the first third-party model to which the Cadillac will lend the company’s system of semi-Autonomous driving SuperCruise. On the conveyor Bolt EUV needs to stand up next summer. And by the end of the current Chevrolet plans to thoroughly upgrade and hatchback.

However, the statement from Chevrolet about the demand for the Sonic/Aveo is also not unreasonable. Last year the company sold a total of 13 971 cars of this model, which is 32% less than in 2018, and the popularity of the family continues to decline. For the first half of 2020 owners of Sonic in the USA were only 6 452 people, that means reducing the demand by a quarter.