Chevrolet-Niva was equipped with the antiquated entertainment system

Chevrolet-Niva оснастили допотопной мультимедийной системой

Poor sales of Chevrolet Niva make the joint venture GM-AVTOVAZ to look for possible options of increasing interest in model – this time in the outdated SUV equipped with the same outdated infotainment system.

New multimedia system is a 7-inch touch screen on Windows CE 6.0, so “new” it can be called only upon installation in an older model. In addition, it raises questions and frankly weak design screen just stuck over the visor of the instrument panel. It seems to be modern (similar style used on many foreign models), but the execution of domestic.

Of course, the infotainment system does not support any Aplle CarPlay nor Android Auto and the image quality is, to put it mildly, archaic, but the car is now equipped with a rearview camera, and multimedia you can connect a navigation system from your smartphone.

In addition, the simple infotainment system is not too reflected in the cost model. Chevrolet Niva with multimedias available in configurations and at a price of 810 thousand rubles, and with all types of existing discounts car can be purchased for 729 thousand rubles.

We will remind, for the first two months of 2019 sales of Chevrolet Niva have fallen by 26.7% to 2991 instance. With regard to 2018, even amid the General growth of the SUV market lost 6.7% in sales, selling a circulation of 29 235 units.

Chevrolet-Niva оснастили допотопной мультимедийной системой

Chevrolet-Niva оснастили допотопной мультимедийной системой