Chewing gum promotes weight loss: dietitians shocked by the statement

Жевательная резинка способствует похудению: диетологи шокировали заявлением

Chewing gum can greatly simplify the process of getting rid of excess weight and greatly improve overall oral hygiene. This was stated by the dietitian Antonina Starodubova.

“There is information that suggests that the use of chewing gum has a positive effect on the process of getting rid of excess weight. Individuals with a systematic chewing, there is a marked decrease in appetite, they are less likely to want to eat because your mouth busy and the taste sensations are changing”, – said the expert.

She added that activation of the masticatory muscles of the face helps to burn excess calories. In addition, repeated with the same chewing motion can help in the stabilization of the emotional state and relieve his stress.

The doctor also stressed that this product has another important positive effect, which consists in the stimulation of saliva.

“Saliva has a very positive impact, helping to wash small particles of food from the oral cavity, and contained in its composition substances slow down the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, which ensures not only fresh breath, but also prevention of common diseases like tooth decay,” – said Starodubov.

At the same time, the expert warned that too frequent use of this product can harm, because it violates articulation, can cause the development of diseases of the teeth and damage fillings, crowns, etc.

To minimize harm, you should choose the sugar-free gum and using it to restrict to thirty min per day.

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