Chief physician of Scotland quit, violating quarantine

Главный врач Шотландии уволилась, нарушив правила карантина

Chief physician of Scotland Katherine Calderwood forced to resign after he violated its own advice to stay at home, repeated publicly, reports Reuters AGENTSTVO.

The scandal erupted after the publication of The Scottish Sun has published pictures proving that Calderwood visited his house in Earlsferry on the East coast of Scotland, an hour’s drive from Edinburgh. The subsequent briefing of Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, which was attended by Calderwood, it was planned as a report on the current status barbuy with the coronavirus, but turned to the analysis of the behavior of the chief physician.

“The ban on leaving the house without a good reason is applicable to all,” said the chief constable Iain Livingstone, whose police have warned Calderwood about the inadmissibility of such trips.

Calderwood was forced to admit that he had acted irresponsibly and agreed with the criticism of the First Minister Sturgeon, who said that the behaviour of the chief doctor could “damage the important work of the government and physicians to combat the epidemic.”

“With a heavy heart that I resign from the post of chief physician announced Calderwood. I was wrong, I’m sorry.”