Child in car: how to select car seats

Ребенок в машине: инструкция по выбору автокресла

To pick up the car seat for a child, you need to know three parameters – age, height and weight. With age is clear. And height and weight know, as a rule, the parents of very young children. Parents of kindergartners and elementary school age know about. Sure – only if the child has recently passed a medical examination.

0 and 0+

Infants and children under the age of six months are transported in chairs category 0 or 0+, which is often called the “autorului” or “carrier”. Children are placed in the supine position (sit, they still do not know). And put them against the motion, as infants do not hold the head, they have underdeveloped neck muscles, which prevent serious injury in case of sudden braking of a car or in an accident. So, against the course, children are recommended to carry a minimum of one year.

Install car seats facing across the car (in the backseat), loose fasteners – all this is a serious, if not potentially fatal mistake. Understand that you still may be more convenient. But imagine (though it’s hard), what will happen to the baby in the accident. Lightheadedness can kill.

It is believed that the safest place in the car to install the child seat behind the driver’s seat, as the driver instinctively protects itself and targeting the other side of the car. But supporting statistics are not find. If you imagine all the possible impacts would be the safest place in the middle of the rear seat. But with the installation of children’s car seats (or car seats) as needed to firmly secure it to the seat (and the baby along with him) flew upon impact. Of course, the child must be firmly secured in the seat. Teach him to belt on the first day, despite the tears.

The most important point: if you decide to put the child seat on the front seat, disable the passenger airbag, otherwise it is in case of an accident could take a bullet in the back of the chair, break it and injure the child. And try not to be distracted by the child while driving.

Combined group 0+/1, 0+/1/2, 0/1/2/3

Seat category 0+ is designed for children weighing up to 13 kg. encountered In selling and armchairs combined group 0+/1, calculated on the weight to 18 kg. But they usually are very great for babies and even soft tabs does not always compensate for too large a margin of space. In addition, the child is in a chair in polusidya position that is bad for newborns. So if we use such devices, it is only when the child learns to sit. Should avoid long trips, to reduce the load on the spine.

This is even more true of the chairs combined groups 0+/1/2 and 0+/1/2/3. Yes, there are. First calculated on the weight from 2.2 to 30 kg, the second – from 2.2 to 55 lbs. of Course, tempting to buy one car seat for all kids, not change every couple of years. But, first, this chair will first child is very high, despite all the inserts, and then it may be a little (briefly, for example, feet will be hanging in the air). Both bad, a chair should be “the figure”. Second, before purchasing any model it is necessary to check for compliance with safety standards. Because the chair is bought it is to ensure the safety of the child.

Chairs of groups 1, 2, 3

The chair of the first group is designed for children weighing from 9 kg to 18 kg (suspended from 9 months to 4 years). The second – from 15 to 25 kg (3 to 7 years), the third from 22 to 36 kg (from 6 to 12 years). Recommendations on the choice above. If your car is equipped with Isofix anchorages (and there are such in most modern cars), it is better to choose a model “with isohexane” – these hold better than those that are attached to regular straps. And hence safer.

Chairs of the second group are rare. Often sold the device group 2/3. Five-point belts in them, as a rule, no longer. These chairs are attached with regular seat belts car. And often dealt with in two parts – the backrest and booster (seat to armrest). Buster – this is the third group.


It is sometimes said that boosters you can use four. But in this case it is better to focus not on the age and growth and apply a booster when the child will grow to 130 cm Then the regular belts will be able to protect the child, not to threaten him with injury in the accident.

According to who, boys normal growth in four years, from 94.9 to 111,7 cm, for girls – from 94,1 to 111.3 cm 130 cm is quite a lot even for third graders.

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Ребенок в машине: инструкция по выбору автокресла

Ребенок в машине: инструкция по выбору автокресла

Ребенок в машине: инструкция по выбору автокресла

Ребенок в машине: инструкция по выбору автокресла