Child shot in the head by a pregnant mother: “the father did not”

Ребенок выстрелил в голову беременной матери: "отец не успел"

Little boy shot his pregnant mother in front of father

The tragedy occurred at the weekend in the American city of Seattle. According to the newspaper Seattle Times, a pregnant local woman was hospitalized with a gunshot wound after she shot her own 4 year old son.

As it became known, the child found a loaded gun, which the parents hid under the bed, and shot his own mother. The bullet hit the woman in the face.

At the time of the incident the child’s father stood beside his wife, however, surprise had no time to react and protect a woman.

In the hospital the victim was transported with serious injuries. The doctors feared for her life. However, later the woman’s condition has improved significantly and is now regarded as satisfactory.

As it turned out, on the street near the store the conflict broke out between several young men. In this moment from the supermarket out mother with a small child.

Someone from participants of the conflict opened fire and accidentally hit the boy in the eye. The injured child was taken to the hospital. Details about his condition have not been disclosed.

According to police, the shot was one. They detained two suspects near the scene, but the arrow managed to escape.

The search for the offender was engaged in the police.

On a scene worked it is investigatory-operative group. Experts retrieved a shell casing and the bullet, after it is rubber. The details of the incident are being investigated.

Ребенок выстрелил в голову беременной матери: "отец не успел"

Ребенок выстрелил в голову беременной матери: "отец не успел"