Children, athletes, pregnant mother and daughter, surrogate motherhood – records of Melitopol hospital

Дети-богатыри, беременные мать и дочь, суррогатное материнство - рекорды мелитопольского роддома

Last year in Melitopol maternity hospital have attended over a thousand births. Some of them were marked by record – naturally gave birth to a baby-hero, and in Zaporozhye nursed a baby weighing less than a kilogram.

In 2019 in Melitopol maternity hospital took 1061 births, of which 1027 – the residents of Melitopol. In 2018, it was closer to 1233. The difference doctors associated with the fact that the birth rate fell in the surrounding areas – pregnant women with them came to give birth, including in Melitopol.

– 1577 children were born in Melitopol in 2019 (1638 in 2018). The difference with the amount originally due to the fact that some residents gave birth at the Central hospital, the maternity hospitals of Zaporozhye and Kiev.

– 541 527 boy and girls – that is the statistics of the birth rate in 2019. Surprisingly, despite the perpetual shortage of suitors, girls in Melitopol is always born smaller.

– 11 sets of twins and one triplet appeared last year in Melitopol moms, another twins – in the Melitopol district. The triplets took in the perinatal center in Kiev.

– The smallest baby born in Melitopol with a weight of 840 grams, he was cared for at children’s hospital. This little preemie – were born in the period of 27 weeks.

The child 2019 – 5162 with a weight of g and with the growth of 64 see He was born without caesarean section. But the largest baby in the history of the Melitopol weighed 6800 unfortunately, this hero was not very healthy – the baby had congenital diabetes.

– 5-6 % of pregnant women Melitopol – unexplored. As a rule, antisocial women, or those pregnant women that give birth in Melitopol “in passing”.

– Two babies in 2019, abandoned by their mothers at birth. Chief physician Melitopol maternity hospitals Anatoly Skiminok says that this is not always antisocial mothers sometimes children are forced to abandon normal women who are simply unable to raise the child because of the low standard of living.

– The youngest mother in the entire history of Melitopol hospital – 14-year-old, the oldest is 54-year-old.

– Melitopol thrives surrogacy, however, these cases are for obvious reasons not disclosed.

– Many couples become parents through in vitro fertilization (IVF). This pregnancy often multiple, delivery is by caesarean section. Such children from Melitopol physicians under special control.

– The average age perforada women has increased significantly. It used to be 16-17 years now – 30-36 years.

Family puns happen in Melitopol. Last year kids at the same time was carrying an older mother and her eldest daughter. Children they were born with a difference in one month.

– 8,5 thousand hryvnia – that’s the number on 1 April the national health service of Ukraine will be paid to hospitals for each woman regardless of whether she gave birth herself or by caesarean section. This sum will stay in the house, all the necessary medicines, medical aid in critical States. For women childbirth should be completely free. If the hospital will claim the money on services included in the standard package, you could lose your contract with NCSU. Melitopol the hospital enters into a contract with the National health. The chief physician of hospital Anatoly Skiminok not hide: the equipment of maternity hospitals and professionalism allow doctors to take birth from women all the surrounding areas. True to guide them, the hospital will have to restructure their job to create a special perinatal Commission, which will follow as pregnancy proceeds from non-native women.