Children evicted from their seats in the intercity bus. Employees of the bus mess of the driver’s supported (photo)

Детей выгнали со своих мест в междугородней маршрутке. Сотрудники автостанции беспредел водителя поддержали (фото)

Tickets for intercity bus purchased in advance do not ensure that the salon you find a place. As it is showed in Melitopol long-distance bus station.

Lawlessness is not only on urban routes in Melitopol, but long distance. This has convinced Melitopol athletes who went to the competitions in Sochi. The day before the trip, the coach bought volleyball tickets for the Shuttle bus. What was the surprise of the athletes, when arriving at the bus station 10 minutes before the bus departure, it turned out that their seats are occupied. “Hares” to leave the occupied chair was not going to. When the situation is asked to interfere with the driver and dispatchers of the bus, the athletes with the coach was even more surprised – they offered to ride standing up, like young, will stand. By the way, we are talking about the youth team and carry standing (which in itself is against the rules) the driver was going minor.

The situation RIA Melitopol described volleyball coach Alexander Mogul. In support of his words sent a picture with the tickets and a driver who set up their rules of carriage of passengers.

6 Dec 2019, I (the coach) with a team of 10 people tried to leave the city of Tokmak with our long-distance bus station. On the eve (5 December) I took the box office tickets to the team, stating the place, plus pay for in advance a train ticket for 4,50 UAH per each. Arriving in the morning to the bus station 10 minutes before departure, I found our seats other people. On my request to vacate the place, I naturally refused. In addition, in the van missing numbers. Waiting for the driver along with a spokeswoman for the station, I presented a well-grounded claim. To this the answer was blatant rudeness on the part of the driver and the statement that young and unable to stand. Even more surprising, the representative station. She, too, was on the driver’s side and started to talk about what we were supposed to come in and take seats until they were taken by others.

At this time another representative of the station stood outside and watched from the side, but she needs to check tickets and to release the buses. In the end it turned out that about 8-10 people were sitting in the van without a ticket. To whom and how they paid is not difficult to guess. I would also like to say that I had a chance to win a place immediately behind the driver. Due to the fact that the driver was fenced off with a wooden shield that is not provided by design, to sit there was not possible. There is now just the legs don’t fit, he described the essence of the conflict Alexander Mogul.

This situation, by the way, for some reason, in long-distance connections in the Zaporozhye region are not uncommon. Why pre-purchased ticket does not protect the passenger and not guarantee him a comfortable ride, we will listen to the leadership of the Bus station and Ukrtransagent. And find out how the passenger in this situation, not then, but here and now, to defend their rights. I hope this situation will draw the attention of regulatory authorities.