Children of migrants in closed centres?

Детей мигрантов  - в закрытые центры?

Protests against the immigration policy of the Belgian authorities took place in Brussels. The participants are outraged by the decision to collect all illegal immigrants arriving in the country, in a closed transit centre at Steenokkerzeel – here are migrants, who tend to get in the UK.

The interior Minister – a member of the far-right New Flemish Alliance, Jan Jambon – announced that there will be transferred at the initial stage of all illegal migrants detained during police operations. The centre in Steenokkerzeel thus plan to expand twice. Protesters angered by these plans and, in particular, the fact that in Steenokkerzeel will be contained and children:

“We came to say no to detention of children, says this woman. – It is unacceptable to put them in such conditions, while they in no way guilty and have done nothing themselves. So let them up there, stop trying. Belgium has been repeatedly condemned by the European court of human rights, and our government continue in the same spirit. This is outrageous !”

Maxim van Leer – a member of the youth wing of the Party of labour of Belgium:

“To do so with people who already are in an extremely vulnerable position – this is done in order to divert attention. It really scares people and prevents them to focus on the challenges we face today”.

In August, in an indoor centre in Steenokkerzeel was placed the first family with children, although the detention of minors violates the European Convention on human rights. Meanwhile in this position may be children born in Belgium yet considered the request of their parents for asylum.

Defenders give evidence that children placed in closed centres, injured psyche.

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