Children of the Dukes of Cambridge applauded the doctors in touching video

The Royal family, like most media persons, reacting to the pandemic coronavirus. After the public circulation of Prince William, the descendants of the Dukes of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the youngest of Louis and expressed his support for doctors with applause.

On the personal page wife Kate Middleton and Prince William there is a touching message that the Royal family expressed their gratitude to medical workers. This time the footage brought the children a pair of 6 – year-old Prince George, a 4 year old Princess Charlotte and one year old Louis.

The descendants of British monarchs starred in the short video, which is unanimously applauded those who fight daily for the lives of patients worldwide. This heartfelt children’s gratitude can not move.

All the doctors, nurses, caregivers, pharmacists, volunteers and others working in the NHS (national health service – ed.) who are working tirelessly to help the victims from Covid-19. Thank you
commented video the Dukes of Cambridge.

It is worth reminding that earlier the Duke of Cambridge recorded a video message to the citizens. He urged to rally together and help charities who care for those who suffered from the coronavirus. Later, the couple jointly attended the emergency Department in Croydon. Kate Middleton and Prince William thanked the staff of the National health service in the strengthened round-the-clock work and responsibility amid the outbreak of the coronavirus in the UK.

Recall that as of March 26 in the UK were about 10 thousand infected, among whom the mortality rate amounted to 479 people.