China expressed strong dissatisfaction with the new defense budget of the United States – 24 Channel

Китай висловив рішуче незадоволення новим оборонним бюджетом США - 24 Канал

Adopted the US defence budget in fiscal year 2019 did not satisfy China, so it has a negative meaning in relation to Beijing.

This is stated in the statement of the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry, Lu Kan, reports the New time.

The MFA statement noted that Beijing has repeatedly expressed its position on this issue and made USA idea.

“We Express our strong dissatisfaction with the fact that the US, not paying attention to the protest of China, adopted and signed the defense budget for fiscal year 2019, which has a negative meaning in relation to China,” said Lu Kang.

Also the statement of the representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry says on a call to Washington to abandon the “cold war”.

We will remind, on Monday, August 13, at the military base of Fort Drum in upstate new York, the President of the United States Donald trump signed the defense budget by 2019. Previously, the draft defense budget of $ 717 billion dollars supported the U.S. Senate.
“The US budget for 2019 to the needs of national defense” authorize the allocation of U.S. Department of defense $ 250 million to assist Ukraine in the field of security

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