China has successfully tested a vaccine against African swine fever

В Китае успешно испытали вакцину от африканской чумы

Vaccine against African swine fever, which is being developed and tested in the Harbin veterinary research Institute in China, has shown positive results. It is reported PigProgress.

From April to June the Institute had conducted test on three breeding bases in Heilongjiang province, Henan province and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region.

“The first news of the potential Chinese vaccine appeared in March, when the journal Science China Life Science, an article was published. It was approved for clinical trials in the same month. Largely Chinese vaccine is reminiscent of earlier studies that were conducted in the USA”, – stated in the message.

Now vaccinated pigs showed no adverse effects. However tests are still ongoing. For final approval of the vaccine, more data are needed.

According to Professor of the Institute, the efficacy of the vaccine should be tested in different conditions on different farms and the like.