China has unveiled how much you spend on treatment of one patient with COVID-19

В Китае рассекретили, сколько тратят на лечение одного пациента с COVID-19

For the treatment of a patient infected with coronavirus infection COVID-19 from the budget of China spend an average of $3.2 thousand In some cases, the treatment of patients in serious condition costs $140 thousand it is reported TASS with reference to the published PRC state Council White paper “combating COVID-19: the actions of China.”

“On 31st may, the invoice for medical services 58 thousand patients with a confirmed diagnosis were covered by basic medical insurance. Total expenditure amounted to 1.35 billion yuan ($190,6 million) or 23 thousand yuan per person (us$3.2 thousand),” – said in the book.

The treatment of critically ill patient on average costs $21.2 thousand to combat the pandemic in China has contributed nearly $22.9 billion According to the latest data in China confirmed 84 thousand cases of infection, died 4,6 thousand people.

In early June, in Wuhan, which became the focus of the spread of coronavirus, the hospital were discharged the last patient. Across the country in the last two weeks recorded isolated cases of infection.