China imposed a 6-year period between inspections for motorcycles

В Китае введен 6-летний период между техосмотрами для мотоциклов

10 April 2019 at a press conference of the Ministry of public security of China, it was announced ten new changes in the rules of registration of vehicles, a substantial part of which is devoted to motorcycles, and are aimed at simplifying the lives of motovational.

Key changes from 1 June 2019 motorcycles (and cars too, but I will write only about the motorcycles) will be able to pass inspection in any locality of the country, not only at the place of registration. Also, the period of compulsory inspection by presenting the motorcycle for inspection and diagnosis have increased from 2 to 6 years. Moreover, the effect of this rule is the principle of “retroactivity” and will be applied to all motorcycles registered from 1 January 2015.

At the same time, there remains a need every two years to the local traffic police registration certificate-sticker and confirm the registration, but this will be done without charge of the motorcycle, the police will check only the presence of insurance and the absence of accidents over the past two years. With expired insurance or the presence of accidents in databases – inspection will be required.

Not all motorcycles and vehicles will be able to use such a 6-year-old release. Once or twice a year inspection will have to:

  1. Vehicles that have not been put on record within 4 years from the date of manufacture
  2. Technology, been in an accident in the last 6 years
  3. Commercial and agricultural machinery
  4. Vehicles for which liability insurance was designed with the late

The six-year period between inspections, according to representatives of local authorities, in General, aims to reduce the time and effort car and motorcycle owners on visits to inspection stations. However, passing inspection the motorcycle, as now, must be in stock condition, there are significant alterations and customization is not allowed. But more on that below.

Until now “in stock” motorcycle had to lead completely disassembling any extra equipment. Pribluda and installed by owner after purchase. Now the rule introduced the concept of “gaming retrofit” (the translation is not very good, but the meaning is clear) – this includes navigation, mounting brackets for mobile phone, arc, lights, music, etc. If I understand correctly the explanations to the new rules, if “retrofitting” does not provide a replacement for something the factory to the aftermarket (exhaust, wheels, etc.), but rather complements the original equipment, this retrofit is not forbidden (that is, in practice, this means that to dismantle them for the purpose of inspection is not necessary). This, according to legislators, will reduce the hassle for many owners, without sacrificing safety standards.

Other innovations relate to the reduction of duties on imported spare parts for motorcycles, multiple registration boards and commissions, but the news about the timing of the inspection (and even “retroactive”), no doubt, become a key.

Local motor-community embraced these changes with enthusiasm. Although local authorities certainly do not encourage illegal modification of vehicles for reasons of road safety, however, the 6-year period between inspections opens up new opportunities for local custom tailor and motorcycle owners.